As a citizen science project, we continuously aim to share our findings and knowledge with the wider society. We inform citizens about open doubts relating to water quality and bacterial composition of the river that fuels our city’s life as well as to train people from all backgrounds on using cutting-edge sequencing technology. Our aim is to engage and empower communities around the world to create their own inexpensive and mobile environmental monitoring framework in order to raise awareness of pollution as well as to secure access to safe freshwater resources in the long term. 




July - August 2019


In collaboration with Biomakespace we have organised and instructed the Cambridge Metagenomics Challenge 2019 - Workshop



"Living Mud"


July 2020


Our very first online PuntSeq for Kids workshop hosted by West Suffolk College. Where primary school students get first exposed to metagenomics while they learn how to cultivate their own microbial zoo.

Saturday 11th July 2020 

13:30 -14:00




2017 - 2020


Until today we have been able to presented our research to the broader scientific community at four local, two national and two international conferences with more to come.


Talks & Events

We have presented our research to the public in a series of pub talks as well as several open seminars. If you are interested in becoming engaged with the project, just join us at one of our upcoming events 


Print, Broadcast & Internet


 Read, hear or watch more about the project from the local news or simply stay up to date with the lates updates via our social media channel.